My name is Janet Wentum. I’m director and owner of Christian Child Cares. Although I have always loved children and enjoy helping others, as a child, I had no desire to be a teacher. Looking back, I see that my love for teaching stems from the challenges that I had growing up and how my family resolves challenges. I didn’t speak until I was 5 years old. When I was in first grade, although I couldn’t read, my mother didn’t want me to repeat the class, she hired a teacher to tutor me during the summer so that I would be ready for school the next year. Again, I was horrible at writing essays. My mom’s solution was to make me write short passages every day, although I hated it until I became good at writing. My mother never allowed me to give up at anything until I had put my best foot forward. The slogan at home was “good, better, best. May I never rest…” The attitude that my mother had towards difficulties helped me realize that through practice, repetition and hard work, most challenges can be overcome. In addition to my parents being hard workers, my family was very supportive of the less fortunate. From giving free rides, to providing a room in our home to a total stranger or feeding the poor, my parents were always there to help others whenever they saw the need.


My passions in life are: loving God, helping others,  learning and finally being an entrepreneur. I modelled Christian Child Cares along the same lines.

My dream for establishing Christian Child Cares is to have a place where children and adults experience love, laughter and life.

My other website is http://ebusinessstartups.net.